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Joseph TESSIER 1754-1810

Joseph Tessier est célibataire.  En 1805, il possède une esclave Francesca âgée de 18 ans, un homme de main Juan de Dios Nieto, de nationalité espagnole âgé de 25 ans.

(1) . Joseph Born Ca 1754  Kaskaskia, Illinois Post, (Islas Negras, Prov. of La)
came to Nacogdoches 1796, single, 1805,1809, &1810-lived on Angelina River w/1 slave

Joseph Tessier-On his ranch, 1 servant and 1 slave

Declaration of Joseph Tessier, 1810
Immediately appeared before said gentleman, Joseph Tessier who speaks Spanish very well, because of which he had no necessity for an interpreter, and having declared that his religion is Catholic, he was sworn in due firm to tell the truth, in whatever will be asked, and being concerning the said interrogatory, he said:

To the 1st: That he is called Joseph Tessier, a native of Calcasieu, on Black Islands, (Islas Negras) Province of Louisiana, of sixty-seven years of age; Apostolic Roman Catholic; of unmarried state.

To the 2nd:  That he has been a Spanish vassal in the Province of Louisiana, under the orders of the Sir Galvez, before whom he took an Oath of allegiance; and twenty-eight years ago he established himself in Bayou Pierre, of which he remained five in this Post, living on his ranch, situated on the Angelina, without having had any other object than that of the country having suited him.  That in order for him to establish himself in Bayou Pierre he did not have permission from anybody, but for living in this post, the Commandant of it, Don Dionisio Valle permitted it.

To the 3rd:  That he has not absented himself toward the Province of Louisiana anytime since he established himself here.

To the 4th:  That in this Province he has not again taken an oath to our Government, because it has not been asked of him, being affirmed and ratified on what he made before the Sir Galvez, without having given another to any other Government.

To the 5th:  That he supports himself by his occupation of farmer, living in the house which he has build on the ranch above mentioned, which area will be one league in each direction.  That he also has one slave, forty head of cattle, sixty hogs,ten horses, ten mares and a jack.

To the 6th:  That he has nothing to say concerning both particulars; and having read to him this, his declaration, he said:  That it is the same that he has given; that he has nothing to add to nor take Away;  that what remains said is the truth under charge of the oath he made, and because of not knowing how to write, he made a sign of a cross.  Said gentleman signed it, to which I certify.

Signed X (Mark of Tessier)

Man'l. Delgado (rubric)
Salceda (rubric)

Jose Tessier  (Joseph) Born Ca 1750 , native of Islas Negras, La., came to this jurisdiction by 1796, farmer in campaigns against Pensacola, Mobile & Baton Rouge, with Senor General Galvez, was a militiaman; has a ranch on the shores of the Angelina River, Roman Catholic, unmarried.

Life and Activities of Jose Tessier (Lavigne) August 6, 1809

Statement which I, Jose Tessier, make of my nativity and the rest that I shall state in the following manner:

Jose Tessier,  a native of the Isle Negras of the Province of Louisiana, from whence I went out at the age of twenty-four years, and went to the town of new Orleans, where I was living for the time of  nineteen years, being occupied in working at my avocation of farmer, less the time in which I was in the campaigns which the Senor General Galvez made against Pensacola, Mobile and Baton Rouge, in which time he says he accompanied him in the quality of  militiaman, and that he was in all the actions that he had, and it having completed, he emigrated toward Bayou Pierre of this jurisdiction, where he maintained himself for the time of four years, being occupied in the work of farmer, and with the due permissions of the Senores Commandants who had been in this place.  Afterwards the Senor Commandant who was in this village, Don Dionisio Valle, granted him his permission in order that he will go to reside and to live as a citizen in this village, as in fact he came from the said Bayou Pierre, and brought all his properties to this said village where he now lives, and on a ranch on the shores of the Angelina River until the present day, being occupied in his said work of farmer, by which he supports himself.  He says he is ofthe Apostolic Roman Catholic religion, his condition unmarried, and of the age of  fifty-nine years. He says he has no documents to accompany this his statement, and that all that remains explained in this is the truth, on which it is affirmed andratified.

And in order that it be certain, he extends the present, on which, because of not being able to write, he made his mark, Don Jose de la Bega and Don Manuel Bustamante, all of this neighborhood, being witnesses.  Village of Nacogdoches, August 16, 1809.

Sign of a Cross of
Jose Tessier

Jose Louis de la Bega (rubric)
Manuel Bustamante (rubric)

Confidential Reports of the Ministers of Nacogdoches about Foreigners
Bexar Archives, University of Texas Archives, Austin, Texas

These reports are made in1810, signed  by Fray Jose Ma. Huerta de Jesus (rubric)
Sir Lieutenant Colonel Don Manuel de Salcedo
(May 3-19, 1810)

Of Joseph Tessier, Louis Fortune, James Lepine, only that they comply with the precept of confession and communion, that they cultivate the land, and that the first frequently assists at the functions of the church.

Timothy Barret and Joseph Tessier, it is clear to me, are good Catholics, regular in their conduct, Christian as well as civil, and the last has served in our Troops in the war of Pensacola, and I know of him a particular affection for our Government.

Of the other citizens that are scattered in Bayou Pierre and on the ranches, I am not able to affirm anything touching their moral conduct or civil, etc etc

Jose Tessier-He is of good conduct in the civil, and remiss in the Christian.  He has good ideas and manner of thinking; faithful and attached to our government.   He has no inclination to those of the United States, nor to that of France.  He lends himself cheerfully to the public works.  He is obedient to Superior orders, and to those of this Government.

Pierre TESSIER et Madeleine TURPIN
Jean-Baptiste TESSIER et Marie-Anne Migneret
Jean-Baptiste TESSIER et Élisabeth RENAUD

source Sadie Greening Sparks

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